About me.

Hello everyone :) 
I'm Anis Afifah Idris. For short just call me Anis. Sweet eighteen on 2015. KPTM IPOH student. Sorry for the broken grammar, I'm tryin to improve myself. So do, please respect. And you pleased to laugh out loud at my weakness and my stupidness, at the same time you gave me the strength for me to climb up as i fall. 
This is my own blog, i keep remain this as my unprivate diary. Its open minded okayy. Stalker are allowed, but trying to mess up with me? Nahh, just forget it. Cause i can be your Angle and i also can be your Devil 3:) Ouhh yeahh, my BLOG my RULES. You dont like it? Just leave it :) Cheers. 

I was born to be myself, you have no right to judge me. Alhamdulillah :D 

Iloveyou sweet stalker 

Thanks you for reading stalker :D